Thursday, November 27, 2008

Friday, November 21, 2008

Went to Bed at 2:00 (am)

My friend Amy turned me into one of those people, last night. Those people who (for whatever reason) choose watching a movie at midnight, over sleep. See the movie if you like the series, because every Twilight fan should. Remember: movies are never as good as books and you will probably enjoy it. Edward is SOOOOOO MUCH better looking in my imagination. Finally- you might want to wait awhile and let the crowds die down a little. I give Twilight 2 out of 5 Cedric Diggorys, I mean Edward Cullens.

Monday, November 17, 2008

39 Again

Happy Birthday to my Dad,
our Friend, and Bumpa...

Friday, November 14, 2008


I'm sorry for the lack of posts, I've been busy (yes) and there isn't anything to post about. Can you believe I've been debating with myself whether or not I should post anything about the election? I really am glad that it's over. Of course I am elated about Obama winning (I know I said I didn't care- I really did, but you all knew that didn't you?). Good luck to you Mr. President Elect, you're going to need it.
Now for a topic that has been bothering me as of late:
-Proposition 8-
I've tried to have an open mind, but sometimes too much "openness" allows brain spillage. I'm sorry to a majority of people I love for standing strongly against something you stand so strongly for.

I don't understand how people can preach for love and acceptance in this world and at the same time make it impossible for others to realize these things? Against the law to be wed? Don't you think the bigger punishment would be to allow marriage? :) Seriously. Who cares if homosexual people want to find their happily ever after, the same way the rest of us do? Isn't it their right as citizens of this country (just as it is ours) to achieve life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? I want desperately to understand why this is so important to you and why you think it threatens your own marriages... Personally, I think God has more important things to do than sit around worrying about same-sex marriage not while genocide, child-predators, and people trafficking still occur EVERY SINGLE DAY! I wanted to remain neutral, however due to my ignorance and fear of mob-mentality I played a small role in this atrocity.

Peace and love be with you all.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee

This is the first Halloween that I have not dressed up, ever. With the busy life I have and the excitement of taking McKenzie trick-or-treating it became last on my priority list. McKenzie had fun taking candy, literally taking candy, from strangers. Not once were the words "Trick-or-Treat" uttered from her lips. Heath and I said it plenty in many failed attempts to get her to say it, oh well maybe next time. Below is a picture of Heath dressed as I don't know- The Grim Reaper? He was really scary.