Saturday, January 09, 2010

Together, sometimes...

Another successful Christmas. This year we spent our time in Wyoming with Heath's family: above is a picture of us on Christmas Eve.

School has started again for me. Another full-time semester, and more work than I care to share with others. I work part time at the restaurant as a server, still. I am with my two children and husband with what little time I have during the day- I am so grateful for the love and support of all my family and friends!
This past year has brought some changes for McKenzie- such as: potty training, turning 3, seeing the princesses, being a princess, playing with princesses, talking like a princess, watching movies, (OK- so not very many of those are changes, but she is grown up before our eyes)...She has a big personality to go along with her big smile!

Morgan is 9 months old. He is in the 90% and above for height, weight, and head size. He wants to be mobile but lacks the basic understanding of how to work his body (thank goodness). Our family dynamic has changed completely since the birth of Morgan last April- we are so happy to have him... Such a good boy. Also- he has four (almost five) teeth now.

Heath is working as Manager at the restaurant. He is excited about a new job he just started at a local academy for older kids- he will be teaching them to fly as part of their extra curricular activities. He has only been an employee for one week and has yet to know if he really enjoys the job. The big deal is- he gets to fly everyday!