Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The longest post I've ever written...

I really do like blogging still. The problem is, I've been so busy that it has been last on my priority list.
Here is an update of what is going on:
1. Still in the process of potty-training, she does ask to go to the bathroom about half the time and only for #1. I'm still debating about starting her in preschool this fall, I wish I could see into the future: that way I could know for sure if she will be ready. Such a hard decision.
2. She sleeps in an actual big-girl bed now and loves it! (knock on wood)
3. I think she is in for a big shock when our little baby arrives.
1. If anyone likes warm weather, it is my husband. He is not the type of person who can stay inside for long periods of time without becoming "cranky". This winter has been hard for the two of us and we are especially looking forward to it being over.
2. He is enjoying flying at Diamond more now.
3. His boss bought him a share of an airplane which he uses whenever he can, honestly he can't get enough of it.
1. My due date is April 5 (this Sunday). I have small contractions every now and then, nothing constant. I've decided not to have my cervix checked which my doctor is fine with so I have no clue if I'm dilated or effaced. He seems to think this baby will be about 7.5 pounds possibly a bit bigger. The heartbeat sounds good and it kicks A LOT. I can tell that my body and mind are preparing to give birth what with the CRAZY organizing/cleaning. All I can think about is making sure everything is ready for my trip to the hospital. I don't sleep well at night and leakage of bodily fluids from pretty much every orifice of my body is occurring. I can't complain though, this pregnancy has been a breeze compared to last time and I'm enjoying every lasting minute. I think we are all excited to finally see the baby and know what it is. (I want another girl, Heath of course wants a boy). We have no names officially picked out. I wanted to deliver in April because I think diamonds are a fantastic birthstone (I know it's vain) and my Mom's birthday is April which will make it twice as special!
2. I work everyday still and all of my coworkers are so nice to me. There are bets being put on my delivery date. I plan on working until the end of this week which will start the beginning of spring break.
3. My school term is over at the end of April and my instructors have been very understanding. I have been accepted into the teaching program for Fall 2009, which I'm so excited about!
*I will post something as soon as I can (as far as the baby is concerned). My doctor is leaving next Thursday for an Easter vacation and if the baby isn't here by then I'm thinking of inducing- I don't know for sure.
Thanks to everyone, I hope you are all doing well!

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Worst is Over...

It's Spring, I can't believe it.
I'm so happy!