Sunday, February 19, 2012

How to catch up?

It is time for my yearly post. So much has happened and yet I feel like nothing has changed. I am not exactly sure where to begin, so I will try to post a little by little every week. Of course, I know the only one who is possibly still reading our "blog" is my Mom. This one's for you!

A quote from James Thurber sums it all up,

"Boys are beyond the range of anyone's sure understanding, at least when they are between the ages of 18 months and 90 years."

I will definitely receive some flak for this photo, I just don't care. This sums up the experience I have with my son on a daily basis. My initial assumption is that Morgan is a "typical" 2 year old, but as I have very limited experiences with 2 year old boys...I honestly don't know for sure. I can only hope that other moms (not for their sakes, but for mine) wake up with salt poured all over the floor, cabinets -and walls- used as coloring books, milk spilled on the table from morning cereal...I could go on. However, for every ounce of "trouble" this child inflicts on our lives he brings twice as much JOY. I wish he were a snuggler, because I can't get enough of holding him and smooching on him. When he is an angel he is irresistible. Physically he has changed a lot over the last year- he has become very ACTIVE and can do a lot of physical activities that McKenzie still hasn't mastered. He weighs only 2 pounds less than her and is less than a foot shorter.

He loves furry things, four-wheelers, candy, presents, cars, making loud noises, "reading" books, our dog bones, Daddy's hats, and coloring on everything. All of these things can't add up to his greatest love of all- McKenzie. He can't stand to be away from her for more than ten minutes and it is a mystery to almost everyone- because she has made it her life mission to make him miserable.

His personality makes him most special. He is by nature a "ham". I have never seen him being "shy" and can't imagine him going anywhere without making instant friends. He is incredibly helpful and independent. At times he just "zones" out and becomes quite pensive- very interesting. He has my quick temper, lack of communication, and ability to turn the other cheek. He has Heath's energy, sensitive nature, and curiosity. Morgan, I am quite confident, has a strong heart and will continue to be exactly who he is for a long time to come.