Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Brunch

Heath's Parents and Brother, Sister In Law, and Nephew came to visit Easter Weekend. We all went to breakfast on Sunday with my family. It was really nice.

McKenzie's first visit with the "Rabbit". Mommy was very uncomfortable around these types of people. (Very unnatural).

Easter Morning

Yes, the Easter Bunny came. He left a nice basket and a sweet little train. You'll notice the look of disdain as McKenzie tries to figure out what "grass" is?

8 months

Hi there! We're sorry for the lack of posts lately. Mommy has been busy. McKenzie is doing really well: she loves to sleep, laugh, and put ANYTHING in her mouth. Here we caught her trying to "escape" from the crib and then in a last ditch effort- gave up! She is now 8 months. We don't know her weight or height but I'll guess it's about 21 lbs. and 30 in.
P.S. No crawling or walking yet.