Saturday, November 06, 2010

Look, I Still Blog...

Honestly, one blog every 8 months is sufficient for our rather stale lives. Some things have changed since April (mostly not though)...

Shameless Plug: *If you or anyone needs a dent(s) removed from a vehicle- I know someone. No more working at a restaurant. Heath is now working as a paint less-dent remover, which has interesting hours and a really cool car attached to it. He is currently working on a very special project that has a very large amount of secrecy surrounding it- McKenzie tells me "it's" a horse, I have no clue. Confused? Me too. The deer hunt this fall was unsuccessful (no tears were shed by me). Tip: when the deer live in your backyard I think they are "on" to you.

I am a "teacher". My life is filled with grading papers, cutting, pasting, planning, copying, etc... I wish I got paid by the hour. I love my job though- there really is nothing like being in charge of a group of children all day long and feeling good about what you "do". If it weren't against the law I would post a picture of the class on "red" day (it looks like someone vomited U of U in our classroom). I am running the Ragnar (apparently) in June. Also, I have taken up a new hobby: real-life bumper cars. I've also decided that I need some items to add to my dinner menu, it is difficult cooking every night.

As cheerful as always McKenzie is clearly cut out for being a girl. She will be getting married in the spring to a lovely boy named Afton. I've only met him once (while eating his go-gurt during the zoo field-trip lunch picnic) but he seems able to tolerate her drama so he's "in". McKenzie is enjoying her preschool time and will continue her dream of becoming a world renowned dancer (or princess, whichever comes first) one dance class at a time. Her hobbies include, but are not limited to: torturing Morgan, singing, talking nonstop, torturing Morgan, playing with princesses, watching movies, being tortured by Morgan, painting fingernails, and crying.

Boy. Boy. Boy. Into everything. Sticky, stinky, silly, adventurous, handsome, sweet, needy, spoiled, boy. Morgan didn't start walking- he ran. He climbs and is taking his time with the talking- I blame the tumble off the bed onto the hardwood floor when he was an infant as part of the problem, but more likely it is the binky (pacifier) he clings to like a bald man to his toupee during a windstorm.


Reeses Pieces said...

Sounds like life is treating you well. Glad to see an update!!

Denise Johnson said...

Hooray, you do still blog! I still want to see Halloween pictures when you finally get to them. Hope all is well with everyone in Heber. Sorry we will miss you for Thanksgiving and the U/Y game party. Be safe, and oh, I am still reading our book, I just have been too lazy to post.
Love ya.

Beckypants said...

Ha ha ha..... toupee. You kill me. I'm glad you're alive up there. Let's get together!